Sunday, December 6, 2009

As strange as this photo may seem, it has funny story behind it.
Lachlan had this idea for the Photo Contest, to dress as Oscar the Grouch and try for the gnarliest drop he could muster up. The costume was already surplus but needed a few mods to allow for the rigours of pedalling a 6" travel, 14kg 26" mountain bike off a north shore style drop. The Oscars garbage can needed some widening of the arms and waist to free up movement and the green fur head/eyes affixing to Lachs full face helmet. Ideally this was gonna be shot somewhere on our local trails of Ourimbah but closing date was rushing up and Menai ended up being the place. So after a few test runs with just the garbage can on, checking speed and landing, this is the final shot that has been entered. See HERE for the announcement soon.